Nightmare Girls is the collective name of our Genesis series of Silent Horror NFT.
NFT stands for “Non-fungible Token”, an one-of-a-kind digital item that people can buy, thus giving them the rights and ownership over that item.
Nightmare Girls act not only as a piece of art, but also as a token our Distinguished Guests can use to access member exclusive content, like a membership card.

Our Nightmare girls will be listed on OpenSea on a first come first serve basis, so check in and signup on our social channel for updates on dates and announcements.

At the moment, there are 666 Nightmare Girls residing in our Mansion.

Every Nightmare Girl will have randomly generated unique traits and no two Girls will be the same, but some traits would be rarer than others.
All of the traits and rarity % can be viewed over on OpenSea once the collection goes live.
On top of that, there will be a very small number of ultra-rare special unique original Nightmare Girls from our Silent Horror comics.

Yes, you will be able to buy via your mobile via a metamask dapp that connects you to OpenSea.

Our Nightmare Girls has a total of 100 over possible traits with 7 total different categories
Body, Mouth, Eyes, Nose, Hair, Eye wear and background). You will be able to see them in all their glory in the traits section of the website….  to be revealed later : )

Yes, royalties are set at 5%. We will be contributing a percentage of the proceeds for the development of Silent Horror metaverse   (subjected to review)

Yes, full intellectual properties are given to the buyer. You can learn more about your rights as Nightmare Girls holder in our terms and conditions section.

Holding onto the genesis series will give you access to perks and 1st dips on our subsequent series.